Design by Yana

Landscape Design Portfolio


My primary passions are nature, design, music and sports.  I initially became interested in landscape design through a series of events.  In fifth grade, I started mowing lawns and by eighth grade I was working on planting beds for neighbors.  My love for nature started to develop while growing up around Yellowstone National Park at a young age.  I was constantly outdoors year-round enjoying all types of recreation and appreciating the peacefulness and beauty of the forests, meadows, lakes and streams.  I particularly enjoy finding design through nature.  Pursuing a degree in landscape design has enabled me to understand my passion for travel and circulation.  I learned of my interest in paths and in construction engineering, in which I took pleasure in detailing paths for pedestrians and equine movement.  Recently, I researched sustainable materials for bike racks and found new interest in sustainable transportation and having the desire to design something innovative.

I love listening to music while I design and being surrounded by inspiring people while I work.  I am drawn to innovative designs through drafting in relation to transportation by bicycle because it encompasses my passion of sports as well.  New and exciting ideas drive me and inspire me to work harder; I enjoy and thrive in this type of environment.  My color and form study that I recently completed for a planting design project became so interesting that I lost track of time several times.  I enjoyed graphically representing planting masses and rendering them.  My bike rack project that was done in Photoshop, consumed every thought of every waking hour for weeks and time flew by constantly.  One full day passed while working on figure ground designs and organizing and labeling old work in which I have no idea how that time went by so quickly.

Pursuing a job in a field of my passions is critical.  Enthusiasm is important in the workplace as well as involvement in a field that promotes quality of life.  I hope to enjoy making a difference by designing beautiful and safe public and private environments for the enjoyment of people now and for generations to come.  I have received a bachelor’s degree in landscape design which has prepared me for design work in AutoCAD as well as hand drafting.  As far as my preparatory work in transportation, specifically in bicycling, I have ridden a bike since I was two and have been involved in spinning classes, group bike rides, recreational to intense training rides for competitive racing.  I have also worked in a bike shop and have a desire to learn and am a fast learner.