Design by Yana

Landscape Design Portfolio

Linda’s Garden Black & White Plan

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate cumulative learned hand graphic skills.  Designers make copies of the landscape plan called Linda’s Garden or Casa da Juliana.  Trace over plans to produce a design demonstrating creative and expressive black and white, free-hand landscape plan symbols, line weight hiarchy, hatching, tonal variety, shadows, labeling and lettering with an emphasis on a texture and tone study.  The designers also convert tropical qualities of original plans to design more appropriate graphics for planting material for Montana.  Two sections are produced, demonstrating learned section-elevation drafting techniques representing plant texture, light and shadows, people, or cars, hardscape and plant material.  Selecting a sectional line that demonstrates at least one of the following: spatial qualities; special construction detail elements; grade change or landscape elements not readable in plan view.  Analyzing the plan and graphically communicate proposed design concepts relating to areas, circulation, vertical elements, focal points and views.  The designer also selects an area of interest anywhere on the plan to graphically communicate through a perspective drawing.  Producing three planes within the drawing; a foreground, midground and background.  Pen weight and texture between each plane vary and a person or car is represented in the perspective to give the sketch scale.

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